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Olyfilm is an open community of local South Sound filmmakers who benefit from the collective talents and resources of its contributors in order to create professional productions that capture and reflect the beauty and vibrancy of the Northwest.  We welcome filmmakers of all backgrounds, including screenwriters & actors and encourage screenplay and headshot/resume submissions at:  info@olyfilm.com

We MAKE films, we don't talk about making films.

OFC shorts

Where I'm calling from



Director:  Riley Gibson

Screenwriter:  Riley Gibson

Adapted from Raymond Carver's  beloved short story of the same name, Gibson imagines Carver's hard drinking 1960's working man, attempting to sober up at Frank's, a boarding house for drunks, where Ray's only solace is found in the gritty stories of his fellow housemates.

Director:  Russell Brooks

Screenwriter:  Jeff Barehand & Riley Gibson

"S.O.S" took home the BEST FILM jury award and the BEST USE OF DIALOGUE jury award at the 2014 Grand Cinema 72 Hour Film Competition in Tacoma, WA.  


Completely written and produced in 72 hours, this little gem of a film, follows Lisa, who cannot seem to hold onto a man until her mother gives her a "good luck" ring that brought Lisa's parents together.

Director:  Marena Teixeira

Screenwriter:  Marena Teixeira

This short won for BEST USE OF FLASHBACK, a required element of the 2017 253 Film Competition.  

Written by Marena Teixeira, it follows the life of a morose robot who can't seem to find his place in the world until he sees himself through the eyes of another.

Olyfilm Podcast


Just shoot it!

learn about filmmaking while making short films!

girl Scouts

OFC Helps Earn Film Badge

On May 4, 2018, the OlyFilm hosted an open house with a convening of local Girl Scout Cadettes interested in fulfilling requirements to earn their Digital Moviemaking Badge.  More than two dozen excited girls participated, learning about Screenwriting, Field Audio Recording, Camera, Lighting, and Editing. OlyFilm believes that more women in film are necessary to increase representation and increase the diversity of our stories.

Tribal Youth

Inter-Tribal Youth Film Project

Local Native teens are being invited to apprentice with seasoned OlyFilm professionals in the making of a youth developed, written and produced 

narrative short film that will reflect the life ways and cultures of the Coast Salish people.  OlyFilm is working with local tribes to get the first ITYFP off the ground in late August 2018.  


253 Film Competition

Every year the OlyFilm competes in the Grand Cinema's 253 Film Competition were we make a short film in 72 hours! We always need all hands on deck, and then some!  Writers, Crew, Actors, we need you all for this whirlwind of a project that is both tiring and exhilirating, but ultimately a lot of fun!  Join in last weekend in April, every year!  But build an OlyFilm team in any film competition, and we will support you!



we no longer have General Meetings every 2nd Sunday. Instead we are holding 

events-focused gatherings.

Scriptwriting group meets every first and third Tuesday @ 7pm

Documentary Group meets every 2nd Tuesday @ 7pm

All Meetings @ Sky Bear media, 113 Thurston Ave NE Olympia WA 98501

2nd Floor

Diversity & Inclusion

Olyfilm is always looking to increase the role of women and POC in the film industry

The Inter Tribal Youth Film Project is an ongoing outreach effort to increase the representation of Native Americans in the film world by introducing filmmaking to the younger generations.  

For additional info, please contact Jeff Barehand

360-503-8381, or jeffbarehand@gmail.com

OlyFilm Studio is a monthly gathering of filmmakers who meet at TCMedia to shoot a short film in a matter of hours.  OlyFilm Studio was created to push filmmakers to simplify projects and exercise their directorial ability to work with actors and crews and be creative in a short and intensive time span.

Next Studio:  TBA

TCMedia Studio

440 Yauger Way SW Suite C

Olympia, WA 98502

olyfilm Studio

James W. Clark directs his first studio, swapping gender roles and making Women in Black.  Starring Jodie Chapin as Jay, Sara Rucker Theissen as Kay, and Xander Layden as Dr. Weaver.

Contact olyfilm

Join us in building our film network in Southwest Washington!

113 Thurston Ave NE

Olympia, WA 98501


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